Relax and flow with an introduction to Tai Chi

Tai Chi for Groups:

Tai Chi is a uniquely powerful system of exercise, healing, meditation, and martial art. Tai Chi means "Supreme or Ultimate Life force" and this powerful one hour introduction allows delegates to experience an ancient Chinese system first hand.

According to legend, "Bodhidharma," traveled to China in the fifth century A.D. visiting a Shaolin monastery where he noticed the poor health of many of the monks and gave them a series of breathing exercises and moving postures to practice which evolved to our current day Tai chi. Bodhidharma incorporated balance and smooth flowing movements to strengthen the body and focus the mind. Regular practiced these increase body strength, stamina and flexibility, bone density, immune function cardiovascular power, oxygen uptake and utilization, while at the same time reducing blood pressure, stress-hormones to create a heightened happy mood.

Tai Chi exercises the mind and improves concentration as the mind focuses exclusively on the movement, and distractions fall away. Just like Bodhidharma, Sifu will take your group on a journey through a range of breathing techniques, movements and meditations to clear the heart and mind, lift the soul and refresh the being. No matter what age, your delegates will love the high they get from this, and so will you!

Further Information and Articles about Tai Chi:

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